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Most of the lender demands their borrowers to repay the loan immediately on their next payday arrival. Do you need more time to repay? You can apply with us and get more time for repayment of your loan and save lots of cash.


Hassle or Fuss Free Process

Nobody likes huge formalities, so we keep it so simple for our customers. We aren’t asking you hundred of questions about why you want the money and purposes, and our application form is also short. Additionally, no need to fax your documents for the loan application!


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Why you always wake to the storefront and standing in the queue for your turn? You can have money in your account as little as 15 minutes without leaving the comfort of your home. Just fill our online application and get instant approval within 1 hour. You don’t need to fax your documents as we mention before about it.

Long Term Payday Loans Ontario


Some people may step back of taking payday loans due to the fact that most these loans required full payment in the next paycheck. But we bring to you a superb financial source named as long term payday loans Ontario where you get longer time period for repayment of your borrowed amount. The repayment schedule will be negotiated between both customer and lender so you will able to establish a repayment structure according to your comfort zone.

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All the process is easy, simple and taking few minutes to complete. Our online application program is developed in such a way that simplifies all the time-consuming operation from the beginning to the very end. Long term payday loans are certainly a big help at the times when money is short but expenses are huge.

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K. George

There was no faxing needed. I was able to apply completely online.



I needed a payday loan right away.This website helped me out with very little effort.


Den Sharon

This is the fastest payday loan i have ever got.


Our long term payday loans Ontario is an unsecured form of credit which is provided to the people without pleading for collateral against their borrowed amount. Anyone can take the advantage of our loans even people with bad credit scores, bankrupt and CCJs can apply for it without any tension of disapproval. However, there is an opportunity for the bad creditors to improve their poor credit scores and get a good financial status.


When you need cash help for your all major purchases, long term payday loans is an ideal route to take. This is a wonderful financial assistance for the people who want to take the advantage of repayments over a longer period of time. No matter what are your needs and circumstances, these loans type comes with a number of superb advantages like mentioned below.

Flexible Loan Terms

Unlike short term loans such as payday loans, long term payday loans offer more flexible terms. You can easily borrow up to CA$1000 or more with the repayment time of 6 to 12 months. Because you can set your amount and the repayment term, you have more freedom to customize your financing in a way that will be financially comfortable for you.

Lower Rates

Long term payday loans also come with the lower interest rate as compared to short term loans. This means that if you choose your loan more watchfully, you will get loan in lower cost and gets great saving.


Help In Building Credit

Generally, long term payday loans have a structure of repayment process that has been designed to meet the payment capability of the borrower very easily. Therefore, making regular repayment of long term loans will allow an individual to build their creditworthiness.



Applying for a loan with us is usually straightforward, simple and fully online. In most of the cases, you can get the response from our side within two minutes. The application process for long term payday loans is very simple and fast- it takes about only 5 minutes to complete our application form. We need some basic information from your side like:

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